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Not Into SUVs? How About Off-Roading in a Huracán Instead?

Posted 1/23/23

Good news to those who are fans of both supercars and off-roading; Lamborghini is (probably) about to make your all-in-one dreams come true. Back in 2019 Lambo released a concept car that answered the important question that has been asked by anyone who has ever...

Breaking in Your Land Rover with an Off-Road 4WD Adventure

Posted 10/5/16

Living the Dream: Going Off Road with Your Land Rover SUV Land Rovers are rightfully known for their posh pedigrees and comfortably luxurious interiors. But the fact is, Land Rovers are for so much more than the urban experience. You haven’t fully appreciated your Land...

Car Troubleshooting 101

Does your car refuse to start? Need to run some troubleshooting? In these cases, it’s important to remain methodical. If you don’t have a multimeter, consider getting one. Check the battery and posts. Occasionally, battery problems result from dirty connectors, and a wired brush is all that’s needed to do the trick. If it turns out you have wet spark plugs, remove them so they can dry. If all else fails, take your car in and have a mechanic look at it. If your car only refuses to start when its raining, check the distributor cap. If it’s damp, use some solvent to evaporate the dampness. That should do the trick.