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European Brakes: Tips to Make Them Last

Posted 2/16/17

Anyone who owns a European car knows that brakes can be expensive. Most European vehicles have brakes that will last a long time, but when it comes time to replace them, they cost quite a bit more than your average domestic vehicle. The good news...

European Brakes Recalled for 2006 or Newer Land Rovers

Posted 9/30/16

Own a Landrover 2006 or newer? There might be a recall issued for your european made brakes. According to Car and Driver, 99,327 Range Rover models dating back to 2006 are being recalled due to faulty brake hoses that can rupture, citing filings with the...

How Often Do You Need a Brake Flush? Every 2 to 3 Years?

Posted 9/19/16

When it comes to matters of import car maintenance, it seems like everyone has their own opinion. While you should absolutely have your brakes flushed and the fluid replaced periodically, how long you should go between brake flush services is up for debate. For example,...

Are Your Jaguar Brakes Pulling to One Side?

Does your Jaguar tend to pull to one side when you brake? Chances one side of the brakes of your Jaguar has worn thinner than the other. This cause less stopping power on one end of the car, which causes the car to swerve ever so slightly. This also puts undue pressure on your steering column, not to mention your ball joints, and wheel bearings. It’s a good idea to have a mechanic immediately check it out. Of course, it might also be something else- uneven tire pressure, varied tire wear, different size tires. You might also have a faulty wheel bearing, which can be just as dangerous. Call a mechanic for an inspection.