The Craft of Restoring Classic Cars

Posted 11/29/14

Restoring classic cars is an art that can withstand the sands of time if done well. Like any art, there are good ways to practice the craft, and sloppy mistakes that result in mediocrity. Here are a few vintage car repair tips from the experts at your local Cincinnati auto repair shop European Auto Specialists. Stop in for a chat, and we’ll be happy to give you a few pointers in person.

Shine a Spotlight

Once you have your classic fixer upper, it’s important to give it a good visual inspection to decide where to begin. Shine a bright flashlight inside the trunk, in the engine area, under the chassis, going over the car from top to bottom. This helps you see what repairs need to be done in the vehicle. If you’d rather have a professional eye, take it to European Auto Specialists, where we’ll be happy to give it a checkup.

Be Honest with Your Mechanic Abilities

There are times you can do the repair or restoration yourself, and times you really need the help of an expert. Mistakes can cost you in the long run. Cars restored by nonprofessionals tend to run well for a little while, but rarely stand the test of time. Stick to specialized experts like European Auto Specialists in Cincinnati, and you’ll end up with a dream of a vehicle that will last through the ages.

Annual Winter Checklist for Cincinnati Land Rover Repair

Getting your vehicle prepped for winter should be on your annual repair list when it comes to your Land Rover, especially if you live in a colder location like Cincinnati. This includes checking the antifreeze, getting the wheels outfitted with winter tires or tire chains, and ensuring you have the proper winter equipment such as an ice scraper, deicer and extra blankets. Squirting WD40 into the locks will help keep them from freezing. Also have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic who specializes in Land Rovers such as European Auto Specialists. Meet winter head on and be prepared. You’ll not only extend the life of your vehicle, but will be ready to handle the elements when the snow flies.