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Happy Birthday Porsche! The Anniversary of 3 Iconic Models

Posted 6/22/20

At our auto repair shop in Cincinnati, we don’t often break out the party hats, but when we do, it’s for Porsche. This past March, Porsche celebrated the birthdays of three iconic Porsche vehicles. Though this year’s Geneva Motor Show was canceled, Porsche took occasion...

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Porsche Heir Plans to Ice Race a Porsche

Posted 4/20/20

Many of the car mechanics at our Cincinnati auto shop own Porsches — but they really like to fantasize about owning the Porsche brand itself. Repairing Porsches is one thing — owning the company is another world entirely. What would we do if we owned...

Cincinnati VW Repair: 2 Common Issues with Older Jettas

What’s by far the most common VW Jetta repair issue we get in our Cincinnati auto shop? Simple. Automatic transmission shifting issues. The good news it’s almost always older Jettas with high miles — most before 2013 with over 125,000 miles. Unfortunately, this problem can be expensive to fix. We’ve seen many customers total their cars over this one, mainly because the Jetta already has such high mileage anyway. A less expensive problem we see is engine misfire. Again, this problem usually occurs on an older Jetta with high miles. Typically, it’s a failed ignition coil or spark plug that’s to blame. These are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace. Call our Cincinnati auto shop if you are experiencing any problems.