Cincinnati Audi mechanic

Cincinnati Audi Mechanic That Respects Audis.

As one of the German “Big 3” luxury automakers, along with BMW and Mercedes Benz, Audi is long established as one of the world’s top of the line luxury automotives. Rolling out its first model in 1910, Audi’s immediately recognizable emblem of four interlaced circles are emblematic of the union of four German automotive companies that Audi would later adopt. The brand name itself is a Latin translation of the family name of Audi’s founder: August Horch. In German, Horch means “hear” or “listen.” Consumers and auto enthusiasts did listen and now Audi is known as one of the greatest lines of cars still in existence today. Visit a Cincinnati Audi mechanic that respects Audis.

Service Technicians That Know Audis.

With a combination of over sixty years of professional experience in the foreign car maintenance and repair industry, European Auto Specialists is your location for a repair specialist that knows Audis. Every car and its background is unique and dissimilar to others. Audis, just like any other car, has its own technological background and engineering history. It has wants and needs that are particular to it and can only be learned through repetitive experience. That is where we come in. Cincinnati Audi repair at its finest.


Cincinnati OH Auto Repair Shop Offering Prompt, Courteous Service.

Right next door is a Cincinnati OH auto repair shop where everyday is offered up prompt, courteous service. From your initial telephone call or visit, to your complete satisfaction for a job well done, we endeavor to offer an outstanding level of professional quality and service at a reasonable price. Our repeat customers are testimony to this fact, and we would like to make you a happy customer as well. Please call or visit us for your European automotive needs, from big to small. And remember, we also service and repair most all makes and models of vehicles besides European.

How do I fix a Land Rover when the engine is running hot?

When the engine catches and then stops while running hot, you may have a failed amplifier module on your hands. This is a device that sits on top of the distributor, and from time to time can get too hot, resulting in failure of the engine. Luckily, it’s a problem that can be fixed with proper maintenance of the Land Rover using an Amplifier Module Relocation Kit. This allows you to remove the part from the distributor and place in a cooler part of the engine compartment to cool to prevent the engine from running hot. If you’ve never done this job yourself, you might want to consult a mechanic who specializes in fixing and servicing Land Rovers