UK BMW Offers Cash Discounts for New Diesel Vehicles

Posted 12/11/17

BMW has a new scheme, at least in the UK. The car manufacturer is offering drivers of pre-2009 diesel vehicles a £2,000 discount to “go green,” or if you translate the car salesman talk, “buy a brand new car.”

The news sales tactic was inspired by threats by the UK government to develop a diesel scrappage program. It failed to follow through, but apparently BMW figured it might work as a great sales campaign to sell new cars.

Ford is also running a similar program in the UK.

“Going Green” More About Profits than Environment

The moves will help reduce pollution. The more brand new diesel cars we have on the road, the less pollution. But BMW is likely doing it more from a sales portfolio standpoint than out of concern for the planet. Cars sales everywhere have been waning since 2011, with sales expected to drop another 2.6 percent this year.

“These initiatives are obviously there to boost sales of new cars, but if they are going to take polluting diesel cars off the road, then that has to be a good thing,” Edmund King, president of the AA, told the Telegraph. “I expect other manufacturers will follow suit and offer diesel drivers incentives to trade in, as it is attractive for them to do.”

And that in turn lowers demand on used diesels.

“Fears are now growing that values will begin to fall as demand for used diesel cars is declining,” the Telegraph reported. “Data from the SMMT shows that there are approximately 19.3 million pre-Euro 5 emission level passenger cars on UK roads.”

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