Should I Flush my Radiator?

Posted 9/12/16

Should I Flush my Radiator?

Radiators. Like water in the well, we never think about them until there is a problem, usually in the dead of winter or the heatwave of summer. Do yourself a favor and pay attention to your radiator before it gives you trouble. Schedule your car in for an annual radiator flush. It can cost you anywhere from $35 to $100, but it can considerably lengthen the use you’ll get out of the radiator.

Radiator Flush vs. Radiator Drain

Keep in mind that a radiator flush is different than a radiator drain. A flush will guaranty that all of the antifreeze gets out of the system. Draining, on the other hand, only removes 50%, and most of the gunk left over is contaminants.

Flushing the radiator will remove rust and other deposits, lubricate the water pump, and protect against rust, according to Cars Direct.

Do it Yourself or Call a Professional

You can do it yourself. This handy video from Popular Mechanics will walk you through it. Or you can have it done as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance and save yourself an afternoon. Either way, make it part of your to-do list and save yourself a busted water pump, not to mention money.

What You Need to Know about Porsche Brakes

One common braking problem we’ve seen on Porsches is a squeaking or squealing sound. This is a good sign your brakes need replacing. That irritating sound is metal on metal, which means your rotors are likely getting scraped. Cayenne Porsches also tend to have premature brake wear and need replaced every 25,000 miles. And if you can avoid it, don’t upgrade to ceramic brakes. They may look pretty cool, but unless you’re Formula One racing on your commute to work, they just aren’t worth the expense. No brake job should cost $8,000 plus, unless you’re driving a $100,000 NASCAR trophy chaser.