Supply Problem Drags BMW Production to a Halt

Posted 10/9/17

In the market for a BMW? Patience, Grasshopper. Citing Focus, the German magazine, Reuters is reporting that BMW has halted production in Leipzig, which could affect output at plants in China and South Africa.

The magazine said problems at one of BMW’s Italian suppliers of parts for its steering technology was the reason for the disruption.

A Costly Stall in the Assembly Line

The disruptions are expected to cost BMW double-digit millions of euros a day. Ouch! Our BMW mechanics are happy to just work on BMWs, where there’s no halt on output, despite the quality of the car. People have them, people drive them, and Euro Auto Mechanics will continue to repair them. It’s what we do and why we take pride our work!

Car Troubleshooting an Electrical Problem

Car refuse to start? Before you call your repairman and say, “Hey, fix my Porsche,” there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the car problem yourself. If you turn the key and nothing happens, no lights or noise, you’ve probably got an electrical issue, probably an open circuit at the battery posts or cables. If the car has not been sitting for long, there should at least be some kick left in the battery, at least enough to dimly display the lights on your dash. Check the battery posts and cables with a good whack with your shoe. That might reestablish the connection. If you leave the key in and the radio turned up, you’ll easily know if the connection is back on.