The new Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet: A Concept Car of Speedboat Proportions

Posted 11/27/17

At 20 feet long, the new Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet concept car is practically the size of a speedboat. But with only two seats, it’s not exactly family friendly. There’s plenty of room to stretch your legs, but only enough seats for a date. Luckily, there’s also room for a total output of 750 horsepower from four electric motors. Give those Mercedes brakes something worth stopping. This baby definitely packs a punch.

Mercedes calls the sleek machine the “ultimate in luxury of the future.” Our Mercedes technicians couldn’t agree more, but probably won’t be affording one on their salaries anytime soon.

It may be a roadster built for two, but there’s plenty of space for the bags. The batteries are in the floor, leaving room under the hood for plenty of storage space for luggage and tools.

A Class by Itself

Mercedes showed off the 6 Cabriolet at the The Pebble Concours d’Elegance on California’s central coast. The show is known as one of the most prestigious classic car shows in the world.

The crashing California surf provided a nice backdrop for presenting the 6 Cabriolet , which clearly took its inspiration from the sea. It looks like a speedboat on wheels and probably performs just as fast on the open road.

Does Your Mechanic Encourage Questions About Your Mercedes?

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