Changes in the Porsche 2017 911 RSR

Posted 3/15/17

So our Porsche mechanics are evenly split on the release of the Porsche 2017 911 RSR. Some love it, but the purists are calling it pure heresy. To understand what all the fuss is about, this 911 is different from any model Porsche has ever made. As the Autoblog explains, “the 4.0-liter flat-six engine powering this beast is in front of the rear axle, not behind it.” Essentially, Porsche has ditched its iconic rear engine layout.

The transmission is also redesigned to accommodate the new engine layout, and the body is now made out of carbon fiber instead of steel.

“The body attaches to the chassis via quick-release fasteners, making the vehicle easier to service as exterior elements can be removed with minimal effort,” the Autoblog reports. “The race car also gets a radar-based collision system – aptly named the ‘Collision Avoid System’ – which is meant to limit the 911 RSR’s encounters with faster LMP prototypes.”

Will Porsche Win Its Own Bet?

Will the new changes pay off? Only time will tell, but the answer will be definitive. Porsche plans to race the 2017 911 RSR in as many as 19 races in 2017. Next time you come in and say, “Hey, fix my Porsche,” why not talk shop with our Porsche technicians? We’ll definitely have something to say about it, for better or worse.

How to FInd Quality Car Repair in Cincinnati

Like a good doctor, having the right mechanic can mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to repairing your car, quality work is everything, Cincinnati! Research the shop through the Better Business Bureau, and read any reviews they have online. And if you have a specialty car like a Mercedes, Porsche, BMW or other European model, find a mechanic that’s specifically trained to work on those machines. And check out the garage. You should be able to view the work environment. Does it seem organized and legit? Is it safe and clean? Also, does your mechanic walk you through the problem, explaining it in detail. Does he or she answer your questions?