CarAdvice Reviews the 2017 Volvo XC60 for Performance and Repair

Posted 10/23/17

Volvo is completely revamping the 2018 Volvo XC60, which will be released later this year. And that means you can get a great deal on last year’s 2017 model, which, the Australian car lover’s site, describes as “a solid, family-friendly SUV with plenty of likeable attributes.”

The online blog recently revisited the 2017 model in a review. The gist? “It is still a good SUV with some family-friendly charms that others just can’t match, and if outright driving panache isn’t that big a deal to you, and you can get a bargain on one, you should certainly consider it. You could do a lot worse.”

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The drawback to the 2017 XC60? “The XC60 isn’t just heavy on juice – it’s also hefty on the road. It feels heavy in corners, and it certainly isn’t a driver’s SUV, no matter how sporty the R-Design looks. It lacks the deftness of the best SUVs in the class in terms of dynamism, with the car’s heavy steering also showing up kickback over bumps.”

Still, the interior makes it a comfortable SUV. “When it launched back in 2009, the XC60 was lauded for its comfort, cleverness and interior fit and finish, and over its time on sale it has been updated and upgraded, but the core competencies have remained,” CarAdvice found. “…The seat comfort up front and in the back remains very good, and the quality of the materials used throughout, not to mention the way everything is put together, is excellent.”

And the engine has a nice, peppy kick to it: “… it gets you away from a standstill relatively rapidly, provided the stop-start system hasn’t kicked in. If it has, you might notice a slight stumble on re-fire, but if it hasn’t you might see yourself hit highway pace in about 7.2 seconds flat,” CarAdvice reported.

Why We Love to Repair Volvos

That’s good news for our Volvo mechanics, who love a great car at an awesome bargain. We don’t need the latest bells and whistles. Last year’s model works just as well, since we repair our own Volvos just as well as those of our customers.

How to Keep a Vintage Car Looking Awesome

When it comes to renovating and maintaining a vintage car, it all comes down to looks and the engine. What condition is the body in? Has it held up the harsh winters of Cincinnati? Keeping up with a quality servicing program should help the engine, especially if you go with a mechanic who specializes in vintage cars. Bodywork is a bit tricky. That’s where the real art comes in. The first trick is spotting the potential issues. The more careful you are at maintaining and protecting the body, the better off your car will be. And don’t just stop at the outside. Pay attention to what’s going on underneath the car as well. This is where you can have serious rust issues.