After Weak Sales, Jaguar Ups Commitment to Electric Car Tech

Posted 1/7/19

One thing’s for sure. When it comes to Jaguar scheduled maintenance, electrical specialists will have plenty of job security in the coming decades. That’s because the company has committed to investing as much as 25% of its resources towards the development of electrical vehicles by 2025.

A “Green” Initiative

It’s a green move, for the sake of the environment as well as the All Mighty Dollar. Sales in March “did not grow as much as we planned” because of European consumers’ reluctance to buying diesel-fueled vehicles, the company told Bloomberg.

But the company is being cautious and not going all-in on electric just yet. Instead, it will offer three versions of each model it sells by 2025: a gas version, a hybrid, and a full battery-electric car.

Riding the Market

Still, by 2025, it plans to be investing $18 billion into electric car technology. How much it invests in each sector will depend on the results moving forward. Bloomberg reports:

“The company will only offer fully electric versions if there is enough customer demand, a spokesman said. Diesel vehicles accounted for about 87 percent of the company’s sales in the U.K. and Europe in the fourth quarter of 2018, a high level in light of the unfolding scandal about emissions that erupted in 2015 at Volkswagen AG and has cooled customer demand.”

It’s an encouraging trend. Our Cincinnati car repair shop is always encouraged to see more sustainable business models, especially when consumer demand is driving the price point!

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