A Tale of 2 Porsches — a Side by Side Comparison of the 911 GT3 and GT2 RS

Posted 7/29/19

It’s no secret we like European cars — especially Porches. High performing engines, stop-on-a-dime brakes, what’s not to love about a Porsche? But as our car mechanics understand very well, not all Porsches are created equal — but all are beautiful.

CNet’s Roadshow recently did a side by side comparison of the 911 GT3 and GT2 RS — 2 of the best performing roadsters to ever grace a track. It’s fun reading — we’re not going to lie.

Words to Live By

“Somewhere in the middle of those extremes lie a pair of offerings from Porsche, two cars capable of doing very impressive things on the race track while offering the added convenience of being road-legal,” CNet’s Tim Stevens explains by way of comparison. “The cars are the Porsche GT3 RS and the GT2 RS. In name, they’re separated by just one digit, but when it comes time to put the pedal down, there’s a lot more than that between them.”

The handling of the GT3 RS is impressive.

“Thankfully, the GT3 RS made quick work of those corners and more, proving eminently planted and reassuring despite the many bumps and imperfections that just add to the character of Road Atlanta,” Stevens writes. “The car is frighteningly quick at times, but the nose never feels anything but light and responsive, swimming in grip and willing to do anything you want.”

But the 911 GT2 RS takes it up yet another notch.

“First impression of the GT2 RS at speed on the track?” Stevens writes. “Sheer brutality. This car is a monster, and it’s more than happy to let you know who’s boss. Though the GT2 feels every bit as planted as the GT3, when trying to put the power down I’ve never been more thankful for a comprehensive traction and stability-control system. Even upshifts on the GT2 RS feel more brutal than on the GT3, and they come quicker, too. The maximum rpm here is 7,200. That’s plenty high in the grand scheme of things, but compared to the GT3 RS’s screaming redline, I did feel like I was short-shifting a bit.”

We Can Dream — Can’t We?

We’d love to try one out on a Cincinnati roadway one Sunday afternoon where there’s no traffic so we can really see what these beauties can handle. Thankfully Porsche is known to have brakes of superior stopping power. With engines this robust, you’re going to need them!

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