The 2017 Range Rover: Higher Performance, Lower Price Point

Posted 4/15/17

Range Rover fans would be doing themselves a favor if they stopped by a dealership this coming year. The company’s new 2017 line promises better performance, greater luxury but a price tag of at least £17,000 less than the current range-topper, or $20,792 US, according to the Telegraph.

“The company claims that the SVAutobiography Dynamic is the most powerful, most dynamic production Range Rover to date,” Paul Hudson writes for The Telegraph. “As well as greater luxury, including diamond quilted leather seats, there’s also improved performance from the 542bhp supercharged V8 petrol engine, with the 0-62mph acceleration time dropping from 5.4sec to 5.1sec. The top speed is 140mph.”

Worth Its Weight in Savings

That’s a quality and price point any Range Rover technician can appreciate. Better performance means fewer VW repairs, better brake quality, and an easier scheduled maintenance plan. You essentially get more bang for your buck without a drop in luxury.

How Buying Gently Used Models Affects Cincinnati BMW Repair

BMW is a reliable car, so a gently used BMW is still a great value. But there are some BMW repair issues you’ll need to pay attention to, especially in Cincinnati. First, BMWs tend to depreciate fast. A six year old BMW has half the value of a three year old of a similar model. And while the car is more reliable than most, it’s also more expensive to fix when it does need servicing. BMW tends to use plastic parts which isn’t as durable. There are long service plans, and many don’t sell their cars until some of the repairs are necessary. It goes without saying that when you buy a used BMW, many of these repairs will need to be done. That just the inherent cost of a used BMW, which offsets the savings of buying used.