2017 Audi A4 Allroad: A Station Wagon with Breathing Room

Posted 4/5/17

Are you an Audi fan that also loves station wagons? Then your family’s in luck. The 2017 Audi A4 Allroad features plenty of room when it comes to both legs and wheel gap. Stretch your legs and don’t worry if you run over the occasional rock or two. This beauty gives both you and the road room to breathe. This will cut down on those Audi repairs, which is great considering how harsh the winters can get in Cincinatti these days.

Though nobody would call it sexy with a straight face, it’s still a handsome vehicle, as Motor Trend points out in their Buyer’s Guide review.  “The lifted suspension doesn’t offer the same ground clearance as a traditional SUV or crossover, but the front end still easily clears parking blocks and other obstacles common in the urban jungle,” Motor Trend’s Alex Nishimoto writes.

Comfy, Spacey Interior

The interior is comfortable and roomy. “…The A4 Allroad’s cabin is the place to be. The cockpit inherits its luxurious feel and conservative good looks from the A4 sedan, and it features the same freestanding screen and long vent-heavy dash,” Nishimoto reports.

Our Audi technicians are also big fans of Audi’s braking systems, and the A4 Allroad doesn’t disappoint. It will stop on a dime, which should come in pretty handy on the icy roads this year.

Handy Car Troubleshooting Tips: Car Won’t Start

Car won’t start? The good news is with a little bit of troubleshooting, you might be able to diagnose your car problems yourself before spending money on a mechanic. If nothing happens when you turn the key, chances are you’ve got an electrical problem, probably an open circuit at the battery posts or cable. Check them. A good whack with a stick or other non-metallic object might reestablish the connection and have you running again. A good idea is to leave the key in the ignition and the radio cranked. If you hear the radio, your car trouble has to do with the last wire you touched.