1 Million Mercedes Recalled Due to Fire Risk

Posted 9/18/17

Own a Mercedes? Well, the next time you take your Mercedes into the mechanic for a repair, you might want to ask about this latest recall. Our electrical specialists at our shop in Cincinnati would be happy to help.

After reports of fires, Mercedes has issued a recall on several models.

An issue with starter components in cars produced between 2015 to 2017 is suspected to cause them to overheat and possibly be a fire risk.

“…the starting current limiter could overload under ‘unique’ conditions where a driver repeatedly tries to start their car when the engine has seized up,” the Telegraph reports. Essentially, it is a car diagnostics issue.

Who’s Affected

“There are potentially 75,000 cars in the UK which will be affected by the recall,” A Mercedes spokesman told Car Dealer magazine. “This is a recall which is yet to be issued.”

The recall affects about 1 million vehicles globally, covering certain A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class and CLA cars and GLA and GLC SUVs. Of those 1 million, 307,629 are in the US, which is 40,000 units less than Mercedes-Benz reported to US regulators, according to the Telegraph.

A fix has been implemented in cars currently being made. Cars at dealerships will be fixed before being sold.

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