How Often Should Jaguar Brakes Be Checked Under Scheduled Maintenance?

Your warranty on a new Jaguar will cover everything on its recommended scheduled maintenance for the first five years or 60,000 miles. You’ll get a service interval indicator about every 16,000 miles or 12,000 miles to tell you what needs to be repaired, including when to fix your Jaguar’s brakes or get a tune up.

You may consider getting the oil changed more often than the manual recommends, especially if you use it to travel short distances or if you drive in extreme conditions.

Wear and Tear

Keep in mind that wear and tear is not included on the scheduled maintenance on your warranty. These include Jaguar brake pads, wiper blades and oil changes. Since it’s not covered by warranty, don’t waste money getting the brakes done at the dealership. An automotive shop specializing in Jaguars is probably your best bet.

You may get a notification light telling you it’s time for new brakes. You might also hear high pitch squealing, screeching or other persistent noises. If so, you should probably schedule an inspection.

When You Should Get a Second Opinion for Expensive Car Repairs

Once you’ve already found a reliable solution for your vehicle maintenance needs, stick with them. Finding that trustworthy mechanic can mean all the world not only when it comes to getting a good price, but getting reliable work that will improve the longevity of your car. The only difference is for a large repair that exceeds your budget. In these cases, it may serve you well to get a second opinion. Like doctors, car mechanics may diagnose different problems from the same symptoms. If the second opinion is as good as the first, return to the first shop you’ve come to depend on. It’s simply a matter of cross referencing and getting the best information possible.