Car Repair Cincinnati


Outstanding foreign car repair? Cincinnati has it!

You want a full service shop that knows your European car inside and out. That’s us. The professionals. We have over sixty years combined experience to make your car hum like she was meant to and last longer than all of us. And we don’t take being the car repair Cincinnati experts lightly. Our plan is to be around a long time, and the only way to do that is to be the best with cars and to be the best with people. You will see the professionalism we bring to the table, both in how we take care of your car and how we take care of you.

The best mechanics in the Cincinnati area.

As our name implies, we specialize in European autos, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s all we do, or know how to do well. We can just as easily service your domestic needs. After all, car service and repair is what we do every day. But, not only that, with our expertise and experience working on foreign cars, we have honed observational skills and knowledge that others don’t possess. We have become artists in all things cars- not just mechanics- and have developed a keen eye and sense for correct diagnosis and proper repair. If you need a mechanic in Cincinnati, you can’t get better experience than us!

Specialized Auto Mechanics for Specialized Vehicles

Why leave your vehicle in the hands of just anybody? Foreign vehicles have their own particular needs, so they require very particular care. Let specialists handle the work. We feature specialized auto care, so you know you’re taking your car to experts who know what they’re doing and exactly what your car needs. We’ll make sure your vehicle gets the specialized care it needs as if it were our own. We live and breathe foreign cars. Let us take care of your baby. You don’t drive just any type of car. Why leave it in the hands of any type of mechanic? Choose specialists for specialized care you can depend on to treat your vehicle right.

BMW Technicians You Can Trust

A BMW is not just any car. It requires specialized service from an expert that understands the special care and precision these machines require. At European Auto Specialists, we have been specializing in BMWs and other European vehicles since 2001. Our technicians understand BMWS and have over 60 years of combined experience servicing these vehicles. We believe in taking the best care of these machines and building long term, trusted relationships with our customers. Your car will receive expert care, whether it’s an oil change, a brake job, or a complete rebuild of the engine. Many of our mechanics own BMWs and will treat your car as if it was their own.