Jaguar’s Electric I-Pace: A Robot Taxi Coming to an App Near You

Posted 12/10/18

Waymo, which plans to launch an app to hail self driving taxis to the public domain, recently signed a deal with Jaguar to use electric I-Pace crossovers. The companies plan to fit up to 20,000 of the crossovers with the self driving hardware by 2020. How does that fit into the scheduled maintenance plan?

The company announced it would launch the app last year. An extension of its “Early Rider” program already underway in Phoenix, the app will connect the public to self driving taxis.

Proceeding with Care

Following a fatal crash involving a self driving Uber test vehicle, Waymo chief John Krafcik has been careful to stress Waymo’s significant testing and mileage and high quality brakes. You can’t be too careful. We’ve seen West World and all 3 Terminators.

MotorAuthority reports:

“Over 5 million miles have been traveled by Waymo vehicles on public roads, Krafcik said, and more than 5 billion in simulation. How Waymo and Jaguar might ease fears about fatal crashes wasn’t immediately clear, a Waymo spokesman didn’t immediately respond to questions about its public service.

“The Waymo I-Pace features the numerous sensors and lidar arrays required for driverless transportation but integrated into a vehicle more than before. Body-colored plastics around the fenders covers sensors, the tall lidar sensors at the top are molded into the roof with only a protruding array.”

Our car mechanics are excited to hear the news. These cars might be robots on wheels, but somebody’s still has to fix them.

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