Get Your Land Rover Ready for Winter

Posted 1/7/15

Preparing your Land Rover for winter? It’s a good idea before the snow starts flying to take your vehicle into European Auto Specialists in Cincinnati for your annual Land Rover repair. You’ll want to make sure your vehicle is completely up to speed with winter tires that are designed to operate optimally in 7 degree weather. Here are some other items to add to your check list in preparing your Land Rover for winter.


Make sure your antifreeze levels are topped off properly. You don’t want to discover they’re not when you’re heading to the top of a mountain in a snow storm. Have the antifreeze analyzed professionally to make sure its concentration levels are correct.

Stock Up on Fuel

Bad weather causes delays. Always keep your fuel levels topped by at least a quarter of a tank. You don’t want to be stranded because your fuel tank dipped. Be prepared with a tank full of gas.

Vaseline the Doors

You can keep your doors from freezing if you add a thin coat of polish or Vaseline to the rubber door seals. Squirting Wd40 into the locks will keep them from freezing.

Equip Your Land Rover

Make sure your Land Rover is equipped with all the winter equipment you’ll need before heading out. This means tire chains, a deicer and a scraper. Don’t be caught on the side of a mountain in a snow storm without the proper gear.

Getting the Most Value from Your Auto Repair Shop

When working with any auto mechanic, always request a written estimate. Now granted, an estimate is just that, an “educated guess,” but in most states, the shop is required to contact you for approval if the estimate rises more than 10 percent. You should also check the shop’s hourly labor rates, which can vary widely and will largely determine how expensive the work will be. Of course, in a competitive market, higher labor may mean more quality work. On the other hand, if you shop around and get second opinions from other car owners, you should be able to find good work at a great price. Any quality mechanic will realize there is more money to be made in well satisfied, returning customers than overcharging them for the work.