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The Next Best Thing to a New Electric Saab

Posted 1/15/18

Now that Saabs are no longer being made, Saab fans had all but lost hope of ever seeing an electric Saab on the market. Maybe so, but thanks to the revival efforts of NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden), which bought Saab, a production electric cars...

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A Standing Ovation Review of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coup

Posted 1/8/18

The critics have spoken on the all new 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coup: It’s a beauty of a machine, smooth in style and sleek in its approach. Our Mercedes technicians couldn’t agree more. The new release updates its styling, offers more room for passengers, and introduces...

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Jaguar, Land Rover’s New Video Game Recruitment Tool

Posted 1/1/18

How are Jaguar and Land Rover looking to step up their presence in self driving technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies? By recruiting through a video game. Jaguar and Land Rover have launched an app featuring the animated electronic music group Gorillaz that includes a...

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The New Porsche 2018 911 GT2 RS: A Rare Jewel

Posted 12/25/17

Yeah, right about now our Porsche technicians wished they had majored in something other than Porsche repair in college, perhaps instead gone into something like Nigerian royalty or the diamond industry. The new Porsche 2018 911 GT2 RS is going to cost a lot, about...

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BMW Releases All New 5-Series Luxury Sedan

Posted 12/18/17

The next time you bring your BMW in for a brake job, you might want to prepare yourself for a little shop talk. BMW just released its all-new 5-series luxury sedan last month. Forgive our technicians if they are a little bit excited. They’ve been...

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UK BMW Offers Cash Discounts for New Diesel Vehicles

Posted 12/11/17

BMW has a new scheme, at least in the UK. The car manufacturer is offering drivers of pre-2009 diesel vehicles a £2,000 discount to “go green,” or if you translate the car salesman talk, “buy a brand new car.” The news sales tactic was inspired...

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Signs Your Jaguar Needs New Brakes

So you’re cranking that Jaguar, weaving in and out of traffic like James Bond at his best, when brake lights bring you to a grinding halt, literally. Squealing or grinding brakes are never good. It’s time to bring that Jaguar in for repair. Another sign you need a brake job is a clicking sound, which may indicate your components have come loose. And if it seems like the car is taking longer than it should to stop, time to bring it in. Does one side pull to the other? That’s a sign of bad brakes, though it could also mean your car is out of alignment. Also watch out for vibrating brake pedals.