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1 Million Mercedes Recalled Due to Fire Risk

Posted 9/18/17

Own a Mercedes? Well, the next time you take your Mercedes into the mechanic for a repair, you might want to ask about this latest recall. Our electrical specialists at our shop in Cincinnati would be happy to help. After reports of fires, Mercedes has...

Fit for Royalty? Queen Drives Jaguar Home from Church

Posted 9/11/17

Need undeniable proof that a Jaguar is a luxury car fit for a queen? Look no further. The Queen herself was just spotted driving her Jaguar home from church. The 91-year old Royal was seen driving her Jaguar back to the Royal Palace following a...

Audi Edges Out BMW, Mercedes for Innovation Award

Posted 9/4/17

And the award for most innovative brand goes to… Audi! The auto maker edged out rivals including BMW and Mercedes-Benz to claim the award at the Automotive Innovation Awards 2017. That’s good news for Audi repair. Audi was also named the most innovative brand in...

VW Pulls Plug on Plans for 10-Speed Transmission

Posted 8/28/17

Ding dong. VW’s 10-Speed automatic gearbox is dead. Our Volkswagen mechanics understand why. The car company is trying to step back from its “bigger is better” approach that led to its emissions scandal. The car company pulled the switch on its much discussed 10-speed dual-clutch...

VW Bounces Back from Dieselgate with Record Sales

Posted 8/21/17

Dieselgate? Smieselgate! After pundits decried that Dieselgate would be the death of Volkswagen, is reporting surging sales and record profits. The German car maker reported sales rising from 10.3pc to €56.2bn (£47.5bn), while operating profit was up 7.8pc at €4.4bn. Our Volkswagen mechanics are relieved,...

VW Increases Range of Electric Golf 50%

Posted 8/17/17

Helping to make up for its emissions scandal, Volkswagen has made its electric version of its Golf car much more practical and usable, increasing its range 50 percent when compared to last year’s model. The e-Golf, Volkswagen’s electric version of its popular compact car now...

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How to Find Trustworthy Cincinnati Car Repair

When it comes to finding a mechanic in Cincinnati you can trust, reputation is everything. A good company builds its trust through word of mouth, but thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of other resources you can use to research their reputation. Start with Angie’s List and Yelp. Look past the number of stars and actually at the content of the reviews. And look for patterns, not just one or two glowing reviews that quite possibly were “planted” by the company’s marketing team. If there are quite a few solid reviews that don’t look like they were written by a professional writer, chances are it’s a company you can trust. And of course there’s always friends and family. People who have had positive experiences tend to share within their network.