The New BMW Touring Series: A Technician’s Dream on Wheels

Posted 4/19/17

It’s Valentine’s Day, and our BMW technicians can hardly contain themselves. Sure, they’re hopeless romantics, but don’t call them sappy. Their hearts are all aflutter at the news that the new 2017 BMW 5-series Touring is finally available to order, all for the low low price of £38,385, or $48,000 in cold hard US clams.

At roughly a year’s salary, that means they better get back to work repairing BMWs, which is what they do best. But hey, a guy’s gotta dream, right?

Because BMW sugarplums dance in their heads. Check out the lowdown from Car Magazine:

“This is a classic BMW wagon from most angles. It’s sleek, too, with active aero at the front, helping massage airflow around the car. The smoothest, thinnest-tyred models have a drag coefficient of just 0.27 for potentially whisper-quiet cruising. Crucially, BMW now claims a 1700-litre boot, once the rear seats are tumbled. Thank the 36mm stretch in length, +8mm width and +10mm height increase.”

Where It’s At: Style & Tech

In short, this new BMW touring beauty promises smooth styling and clever tech. So the next time you come in for your BMW scheduled maintenance, our mechanics will probably shop talk this new release until your ears fall off.