Jaguar Repair is Back in the Compact Luxury Performance Market!

Posted 5/17/17

For nearly the last decade, our Jaguar mechanics have had to accept that Jaguar is out of the compact luxury-performance market. You could always count on the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 to deliver in that market, but never Jaguar, mostly thanks to the demise of its Ford-derived X-Type. Of course, what did they expect when they base a Jaguar on the design of a Ford bolt bucket, rather than the European beauty such a car truly deserved?

But anybody who follows Jaguar repair will be happy to know Jaguar is back in the game with the aluminum-intensive Jaguar XE.

“Showing styling that reflects the influence of big brothers XF and XJ, XE is offered as the 25t, with a turbocharged I-4; the 35t, with a supercharged V-6; and the 20d, powered by an I-4 turbo diesel,” the St. Louis Dispatch reports. “While all feature an eight-speed automatic, the gas I-4 is rear-drive only, the V-6 and diesel available with rear- or all-wheel drive.”

What’s the Good News?

“(The) XE is lovely to behold, athletic to drive and generous in engine choices. It gives 3 Series and A4 fans another choice,” freelance automotive writer Dan Wiese reflects.

Beautiful. Sign us up, and throw in a Jaguar scheduled maintenance plan for good measure!