A Jaguar and Land Rover Repair Heist Straight Out of Hollywood!

Posted 5/10/17

Six minutes. That’s all it took to steal $3.75 million in Jaguar and Land Rover engines and take off into the proverbial sunset.

It’s a story right out of a Johnny Depp blockbuster. But it actually happened at a Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Solihull, U.K earlier this month.

“Insiders say the stolen 40 tonne lorry arrived at the Solihull Lode Lane depot at 10.30pm on Tuesday and entered through the security-manned D1 gate,” the Birmingham Mail reports. “The HGV then drove to the Lagoons depot and hooked up to a trailer containing the car engines, before driving out.”

Fool ‘Em Once. Heist ‘Em Twice?

Before they left, the thieves grabbed the necessary paperwork to make the heist look like a legitimate shipment when they drove out the gates like everyday truck drivers just doing their jobs.

Perhaps even more incredibly, the same semi went back for seconds. A couple of hours later, it went back to the same factory, hooked up another trailer and made off with another heist.

West Midlands Police said in a statement: “Police are appealing for any information in relation to a large scale theft of Jaguar Land Rover engines in Coventry.”

Well, our Land Rover and Jaguar technicians  can hardly wait for the movie, based on real but incredible events, to one day hit theaters. Quick, somebody send Johnny Depp a script!