Tricks to Lessen the Wear on Your European Brakes in Cincinnati

Stylistically and when it comes to mechanics, owning a European vehicle has its advantages, but nobody looks forward to a brake job, especially if you drive fairly often in Cincinnati bumper to bumper traffic. The good news is there are techniques and strategies you can adopt to your everyday driving style that can dramatically improve the longevity of your brake job.

Speed East Brakes like a European Breakfast

Speed just isn’t any good on your brakes. In fact, hard stops from just 55 to 65 miles an hour will eat your brakes a third faster than casual braking. Kinetic energy is affected by both your car’s weight and your rate of speed. The heavier your car, the faster you drive, the more wear on your brakes. Slow down, and you’ll also slow down the speed at which you go through those pads.

Coast Your Life Away

Along the same notion, coasting is also a great way to lessen the wear on your brakes. If you spot the light changing red, take your foot off the gas and coast as close as you can before braking to a stop. Coast to the end of freeway ramps. Easy does it helps to make your  European brakes last in Cincinnati.

Do You Really Need a Brake Flush Service?

Some mechanics recommend you flush your brakes every 30,000 miles, but the reality is that brake fluid should be able to go longer. In theory, your brakes operate in a closed system, so it shouldn’t go bad. But any mechanic will tell you that if theory were reality, swear words would never have been invented. No system is completely enclosed. Leaks from hoses and valves are inevitable, and these release moisture into the brake fluid. This dampens their stopping ability and wreaks havoc through your components. The bottom line is you should have your brake fluid periodically tested. If it is dark brown in color, it’s time to flush your entire system.