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When Are the Best and Worst Times to Buy a Car?
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Best Time to Buy a New Car | MasterThis: Liberty Mutual

Timing is critical when buying a new vehicle. Your ability to negotiate depends on the time of year, even the time of day, you visit the...

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A Georgia teen had the audacity to Instagram a cellphone video of himself driving a stolen Porsche SUV.
So stay safe.
Don’t steal cars or engage in high speed police pursuits, and watch those privacy settings, kids!
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Teen Posts Stolen Porsche SUV on Social Media

Teens abandon stolen Porsches in need of repair, later post cellphone videos on Instagram of themselves driving stolen SUV. Police issue warrant...

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Happy Father's Day weekend from European Auto Specialists!
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What are the differences between all-season and summer tires?
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Summer Tires vs. All-Season Tires

Many people use the terms “all-season tires” and “summer tires” interchangably. The tire you choose has implications on things like engine...

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What is the key to keeping a car in top condition?
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Master Your Car's Maintenance Schedule | MasterThis: Liberty Mutual

Regular car maintenance is important for the longevity of your vehicle. Get these pro tips and avoid problems later.

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Jaguar Repair is Back in the Compact Luxury Performance Market!
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Welcome Jaguar Repair Back to Compact Luxury Performance!

The latest in Jaguar repair news? Jaguar has returned to the compact luxury-performance market with the Jaguar XE with an engine and styling our...

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Wanna know what traffic lis ike on the road today?
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Ohgo || Real-time Ohio traffic

Receive up-to-the-minute updates on current traffic speeds, accidents or other incidents anywhere in Ohio so you can get there faster.

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What is the most popular classic car in Ohio?
#ClassicCar #Ohio #Auto

The most searched classic cars by state

Unsurprisingly, most people on were searching for Fords and Chevrolets.

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Six minutes. That’s all it took to steal $3.75 million in Jaguar and Land Rover engines and take off into the proverbial sunset.
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A Jaguar and Land Rover Robbery Worthy of the Big Screen

In 6 minutes, thieves stole $3.75 million in Jaguar and Land Rover engines from a UK factory. This incredible story might as well star Hollywood’s...

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What are the 10 best BMW's of all time?
#BMW #Roadster #FavoriteCars

Ultimate driving machines: the 10 best BMWs of all time

From classic roadsters to electric wonders, we pick the very best vehicles from BMW's long and illustrious history.

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Hire a Jaguar Technician with Specialized Experience

A Jaguar is a specialized piece of machinery. Why would you let just any mechanic work on it? They might do more harm than good. Take your Jaguar to European Auto Specialists. Our technicians have been specializing in Jaguars and other European vehicles with over 60 years of combined experience. We understand the specialized care and precision these vehicles require. We’ll treat your vehicle as if it were our own. We’ll not only take care of any known mechanical problems, but give you a complete inspection so you can be on top of any repairs that may be coming down the road.