A Cincinnati Jaguar Mechanic That Respects Jaguar.

Originally founded by two automotive enthusiasts as the Swallow Sidecar Company, SS Cars emerged in 1922 as a sidecar manufacturer. Soon switching to passenger cars, the name Jaguar appeared on one of its early vehicles in 1935 and would become the name of the company to prevent any connection with the Nazi SS and its former initials. Known for their performance sports cars with great appeal, Jaguar created a name for itself through the years along with other British luxury car makers. Holding royal warrants from the Queen of England and Prince Charles, Jaguar is the provider of vehicles for the British royal house. European Auto Specialists is proud to be a Cincinnati Jaguar Mechanic that respects Jaguars.

Local Jaguar Repair Service That Knows Jaguar.

If you are a Jaguar owner you likely know of the beauty and grace that these magnificent cars provide. They are truly one of a kind classics, whether they are an old model that is rarely seen outside of black and white photos, or a new model straight out of the showroom. At European Auto Specialists we know and love Jaguars as well. If you need someone to fix your Jaguar, understand that our certified mechanics have over six decades of combined experience in servicing European autos such as yours. Whether you need brakes, scheduled maintenance or engine repair, our Jaguar technicians e have the knowhow and technology to do the job efficiently and economically. We are a local Jaguar repair shop that knows Jaguar.

Cincinnati Saab repair

Searching for competent Cincinnati Saab repair close to home? One need look no further than European Auto Specialists for their Cincinnati car repair needs. Our ASE certified Master Mechanics have years of experience working with Saab models just like yours. They know the ins and outs of each engine and have developed a keen eye for time and money saving details. Whether your vehicle just needs a simple tune-up or fine tuning to keep it humming at its best, or whether your beauty is in need of complex repair, you can be certain that in your neighborhood is the Cincinnati auto repair you can rely on.

Ask a Saab Mechanic: Having Your Fluids Checked and Flushed

If your Saab has more than 75,000 miles, it will require regular Saab repair to keep it in optimal shape. Fluid flushes are critical, especially if you have a lot of miles on your car. Automatic transmissions should have a transmission flush so that worn out fluid doesn’t end up also wearing out the vehicle. Old transmission fluid can be harder on the transmission, similar to why you need to change your oil regularly as well. You should also regularly flush your coolant system to keep the air conditioner and heating system running their best. The coolant system works to transfer heat throughout the engine to avoid burn out. Without a good coolant system, you may find yourself without an engine.