Great Apps that Diagnose Your Car Like a Cincinnati Mechanic

Since 1996, all vehicles sold in the US, including European imports, are required to provide a connection that tells mechanics as well as inspectors car diagnostic information about its performance. Thanks to smartphone technology, this valuable data can now be accessed through your phone with the help of a variety of apps.

Dev-Toaster Rev

Dev-Toaster Rev, for about $39 plus a $150 transmitter, won a Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award in 2009 for best car diagnostics app. It provides data not only about the car itself but about your driving, including how you drove outlined on a specific map. This is a handy way to measure effective braking and acceleration to make the most of brake pads and gas mileage.

The Kiwi Drive Green

The Kiwi Drive Green is another great app that helps teach driving efficiency. The Kiwi Score Game helps you develop the best fuel efficiency strategies. This app won the Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award in 2008.

The Car MD

The Car MD helps you diagnose your check engine light by finding out which trouble code is setting off the warning. It then suggests a website that explains the problem in plain English. At $70, this app will easily earn its keep if it saves you at least one needless visit to a Cincinnati mechanic only to find out the warning issue was due to something benign like a faulty sensor.

Most Common Reasons for Cincinnati Audi Repair

Some of the most common reasons for Audi maintenance we see in our Cincinnati shop are electrical component problems. Electrical problems are pretty common with Audi, usually related with digital power or the console. Most problems are covered by warranty if the car is only a few years old. When it comes to mechanical problems, the most common difficulty is ignition coil failure. This can be the primary reason the engine misfires. Audis also tend to have spark plug issues, so be sure to keep them changed regularly.