Car Electrical Specialists: The Greasy Fingered Computer Nerds of Today’s Automobile

These days, cars are mobile computers on wheels, even while ubiquitous driverless cars are still a good decade away. The data driven network pulsing under the hood of today’s automobile is more than just an electrical system; it’s practically a Hal-9000! Today’s car electrical specialists are also really just computer nerds who happen to get their hands greasy. The car may seem simple, but underneath is a mass of complexity.

Data to Spot Problems Under the Hood Before They Happen

The beauty is that all that data is pretty handy when it comes to self diagnosis. As pollution mandates came on board in the 1970s, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated ways to monitor the effectiveness of emission and pollutant control systems. This standardized an on-board diagnostics protocol that has evolved into the modern car computer today. A mechanic who specializes in electrical systems knows how to tap your car’s data to find a wealth of information, from not only what is wrong but what will go down several hundred miles down the road. Computer data can provide a great heads up to potential mechanical problems so you can meet them head on.

The new computer science that drives cars is also highly hackable. It’s definitely not for the novice, as you could be left with a fried egg for your morning commute, but a professional could modify engines for greater horsepower, for example.

Handy Resources for Car Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting mechanical problems on your vehicle? Some tools are invaluable. An OBD Code Reader, for example, may seem expensive initially, but it can save you needless trips to the mechanic. You plug this into the car anytime you get a check engine light. It will tell you exactly what, if anything, is wrong. That alone can save you nearly $100 every time you use it. A multimeter is just as handy for testing electrical problems with the car. Helms Service models provide a practical mechanic’s Bible for everything wrong with your car, from top to bottom. Many simple problems can be fixed yourself. At least you’ll know when it’s time to call a mechanic.