Would You Believe These Celebrities Love Vintage Car Repair?

Posted 5/3/17

If you’re like our mechanics, you live and breathe European cars, everything from the hod rod roasters that just peeled out of the lot to the antique beauties that are practically history on wheels. At European Auto Mechanics, we love great cars, and we can’t...

The New BMW Touring Series: A Technician’s Dream on Wheels

Posted 4/19/17

It’s Valentine’s Day, and our BMW technicians can hardly contain themselves. Sure, they’re hopeless romantics, but don’t call them sappy. Their hearts are all aflutter at the news that the new 2017 BMW 5-series Touring is finally available to order, all for the low low...

The 2017 Range Rover: Higher Performance, Lower Price Point

Posted 4/15/17

Range Rover fans would be doing themselves a favor if they stopped by a dealership this coming year. The company’s new 2017 line promises better performance, greater luxury but a price tag of at least £17,000 less than the current range-topper, or $20,792 US, according...

Will VW Soon Recover from the Emissions Scandal?

Posted 4/12/17

Ever since the scandal surfaced, pundits across the board had predicted VW’s emissions scandal was the dinosaur killing meteor that would wipe the car company from the face of the earth. It was discovered the company had programmed hidden software allowed  it to cheat on...

Teaser Photo of 2017 Mercedes GLA Released Ahead of Debut

Posted 3/29/17

What can we expect from the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA later this year? We got a sneak peak this month from a single image released ahead of the model’s world debut at the Detroit Auto Show. Like Sherlock Holmes in mechanic Carhartts, our Mercedes mechanics have...

Best App for Car Diagnostics

Any car made after 1996 is required by law to provide a connection for mechanics and inspectors to diagnose what’s happening mechanically. So if your check engine light comes on, you can actually get an app and diagnose the problem with your phone. That way you can know if a mechanic is even necessary. The DevToaster Rev iPhone and OBD-II system won a Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award in 2009. It can tell you not only what’s happening with the engine, but how efficient you’re driving. The Car MD is a great diagnostic app that helps not only explain the problem, but suggest a solution.