How Do I Fix My BMW to Run off Grease?

Posted 2/3/17

It’s a question our Cincinnati mechanics get from time to time: “Can you fix my BMW to run off vegetable grease?” The quick answer is yes, but the first thing our BMW technicians will ask is, do you have access to readily available used grease?...

Update Your Land Rover Repairs and Seize The Adventure

Posted 1/27/17

What’s the biggest pet peeve of our Land Rover mechanics? Most people keep their Land Rovers way too clean. It’s obvious many never take the world’s most versatile off road vehicle actually off the roads of Cincinnati very often. Shame on you. You are missing...

When and How to Have Your Recall Done by a Volkswagen Mechanic

Posted 1/17/17

Confused by the Volkswagen recall? You’re not alone. In fact, our VW mechanics have told us they get questions all the time about which models and years are covered. Even though reports of Volkswagen rigging their emissions systems to cheat on smog tests surfaced over...

Euro Auto Share

Why Some Risk Repairs to Drive Vintage Cars in Winter

Posted 1/13/17

Winter is officially here. And the conventional wisdom for most vintage car connoisseurs is to put a tarp over your baby and hide it in the garage until the Groundhog sees his shadow. But more and more classic car buffs are finding they just can’t...

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