Mercedes plans to Release Its Intelligent Drive suite

Posted 7/1/17

Are you ready to let your Mercedes drive you to work? While the company has not quite achieved Knight Rider KITT Technology yet, this fall’s 2018 S-class sedan introduces the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive suite of semi-autonomous driving technologies. It’s the most advanced self-driving technology of...

2017: Another Great Year for BMW?

Posted 6/28/17

Apparently BMW and the Rooster have at least one thing in common: 2017 is their year. In the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, 2017 is the the Year of the Rooster, known for its intelligence, flexibility and confidence. Our BMW mechanics would use those exact words to...

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Jaguar and Land Rover: Fresh Ideas, New Beginnings

Posted 6/24/17

The future looks bright for Jaguar and Land Rover. That’s because the parent company of the two car manufacturers, Tata Motors, is making steadfast but patient investments in these vehicle lines, and it’s beginning to pay off. “Land Rover, riding the global boom in SUV...

Strike Halts Production of BMW Mini

Posted 6/17/17

Will those looking to purchase a new BMW Mini have to wait their turn? If BMW and their workers’ union doesn’t come to some kind of agreement soon, anything’s possible. Workers at three BMW plants in Britain staged a strike that halted the production of...

Check Out This Classic 1960 Saab 93F in Excellent Repair

Posted 6/14/17

Love classic Saabs and vintage cars? Our Saab mechanics have an insider tip for you. Check out this gorgeous  1960 Saab 93F i up for auction. It’s sale bid reached $5,700, which is quite a bit of money for a vintage automobile, but it’s practically...

Audi A4 Named Best Premium Car by NY Daily News

Posted 6/10/17

Yeah, our Audi mechanics can see it: An Audi does kinda look a little bit like Grace Kelly. Or as the New York Daily News put it when it named the 2017 Audi A4 the best premium car of the year, “Refined, classy and conservatively...

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Common First Generation Cincinnati Mercedes Repairs

The A-Class First (W168) Generation Mercedes-Benz is a beautiful car, but one of the common repair problems our Cincinnati mechanics see in this Mercedes is with its starter. ESP and ABS lights will light up, and most owners will just assume they need to replace their brake pads, but soon they’ll realize they can’t restart the car. The engine may turn over, but the car itself doesn’t start. The battery sometimes dies. It’s generally a job you’ll want to leave with a professional mechanic, especially one that specializes in Mercedes and other European vehicles.