Changes in the Porsche 2017 911 RSR

Posted 3/15/17

So our Porsche mechanics are evenly split on the release of the Porsche 2017 911 RSR. Some love it, but the purists are calling it pure heresy. To understand what all the fuss is about, this 911 is different from any model Porsche has ever...

Jaguar Owners Rejoice! What’s New for 2017

Posted 3/9/17

It’s a new year. If you’re a Jaguar enthusiast, that’s great one too, because Jaguar’s got plenty of great stuff planned for 2017. Our Cincinnati Jaguar technicians couldn’t be more excited. Car and Driver charts the changes for Jaguar in 2017. Take it from our...

September Audi’s Best Month Ever for US Sales

Posted 3/1/17

Love driving an Audi? Apparently, so does everyone else. The brand saw its most successful month in its history of US sales this past September, with sales increasing 1.6 percent to 17,617 vehicles. This marked the 69th month of record sales for Audi of America....

Saab Repair by Any Other Name…

Posted 2/25/17

Love your Saab? If you continue to stick with the brand following its 2012 sale to National Electric Vehicle Sweden, known as NEV, keep the words of Shakespeare in mind: “A rose by any other name….” The new Chinese owners won’t be reviving the Saab...

Car Troubleshooting: 10 Recommended Sites

Posted 2/22/17

Car trouble? Even if you’re not a mechanic, you still might be able to fix the problem yourself, or at least make an educated guess as to when it’s time to call your local Cincinnati auto repair shop. The Internet is a treasure trove of...

It May Not Be Sporty, but BMW’s Latest 650i Performs

Posted 2/19/17

How does the 2016 BMW 650i handle on the road? Forbes has a nice review that details BMW’s latest endeavor down to the nitty gritty. For starters, don’t expect an all and out race car. This car is built for comfort, though maybe not for...

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