The DIY Saab Retrofit of a Mechanic’s Dreams

Posted 7/22/17

Our Saab mechanics love some good old fashioned DIY. After development of the Saab 9000 convertible model turned out to be a pipe dream, Swedish car enthusiast Björn Frykholm custom rebuilt his Saab to roll with the top down. And the gold suede added seating...

When Our Audi Technicians Dream of Audis

Posted 7/20/17

No, our Audi mechanics don’t spend day and night repairing Audis, though we do sometimes dream about them. We also watch TV, and lately we’ve been binge-watching the British police and science fiction drama “Ashes to Ashes.” Are we British? No, we do love to...

A Sneak Peek at the New Electric Volkswagen SUV

Posted 7/15/17

At April’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen fans got a sneak peak of one of the four affordable electric vehicles expected to be released over the next few years, RT reported. The third model to be under the I.D. sub-brand, the new I.D. Crozz SUV is...

Land Rover Off Road School: Taste the Adventure

Posted 7/12/17

As you read this, can you picture your Land Rover sitting pristine, glowing clean in your garage, looking like the day it rolled off that showroom floor and into your life? Well, news flash. You’re doing it wrong. And you should be slapped upside the...

New Porsche Panamera Will Be Plug-In Hybrid

Posted 7/8/17

Ready to plug your Porsche into the 21st Century? If you own the 2018 Porsche Panamera, the top of the line model that money can buy that also happens to be on the Christmas list of all our Porsche technicians (hint, hint, they’ve been good...

A Documentary Made for Your Inner Porsche Technician

Posted 7/5/17

Our Porsche technicians may understand the subtle dynamics of one of the best engines to grace the highway, but programming their TiVos? That had them throttled. But they were down for the challenge, pushed by Porsche’s debut of its documentary “Decades of Disruption.” The documentary...

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Does Your European Car Need New Brakes?

Your life literally depends on your brakes working properly. Make sure they are in top working condition. Pay attention to how the brakes on your European vehicle handle. If you hear a high pitch screeching sound, you’ve likely worn past the metal shim, which indicates you need a brake job. If your brakes aren’t responsive or you feel the braking power start to fade, you might want to get them inspected. If your vehicle pulls to one side or the other while braking, chances are one side has become worn. And if your brake pedal pulsates when you press the brakes, chances are the rotor is shot. Time to call the brake man.