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VW Pulls Plug on Plans for 10-Speed Transmission

Posted 8/28/17

Ding dong. VW’s 10-Speed automatic gearbox is dead. Our Volkswagen mechanics understand why. The car company is trying to step back from its “bigger is better” approach that led to its emissions scandal. The car company pulled the switch on its much discussed 10-speed dual-clutch...

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VW Bounces Back from Dieselgate with Record Sales

Posted 8/21/17

Dieselgate? Smieselgate! After pundits decried that Dieselgate would be the death of Volkswagen, is reporting surging sales and record profits. The German car maker reported sales rising from 10.3pc to €56.2bn (£47.5bn), while operating profit was up 7.8pc at €4.4bn. Our Volkswagen mechanics are relieved,...

VW Increases Range of Electric Golf 50%

Posted 8/17/17

Helping to make up for its emissions scandal, Volkswagen has made its electric version of its Golf car much more practical and usable, increasing its range 50 percent when compared to last year’s model. The e-Golf, Volkswagen’s electric version of its popular compact car now...

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BMW 6-Series Quietly Fades into History

Posted 8/14/17

Some BMWs become legends. Others not so much. The BMW 6-Series Coupe? Don’t expect that one to make the history books. The two-door hardtop 6-Series Coupe quietly slipped from production last February, BMW confirmed to Road & Track. Don’t worry. The 2018 6-Series Gran Coupe...

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Volvo Recalls 5,500 Volvos for Airbag Repairs

Posted 8/10/17

Own a Volvo? It might be time to bring it in, and not just for your regularly scheduled Volvo maintenance. Volvo just announced it is recalling more than 5,500 Volvos in the US due to airbag problems. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has concluded...

Zoom! 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 Breaks a Record

Posted 8/7/17

The next time you come into European Auto Specialists and say, “Hey, can you fix my Porsche,” you just might get an earful about how fast a Porsche can go. That’s because the 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 just knocked off 12 seconds of the benchmark...

Need a Break from Repair? A Vintage Car Video for Inspiration

Posted 8/3/17

Taking a break from your vintage car repair? We understand. Repairing classic cars is hard work. Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Check out this YouTube video of the most beautiful classic vintage cars. They’re amazing. We’re talking James Bond amazing. And if...

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Finding Quality Auto Repair in Cincinnati

Want to find a Cincinnati car mechanic you can trust? There are 3 things that should always be on your checkoff list: reputation, specialty, and experience. Start by asking your friends, family, and coworkers who they’ve had good experiences with. It’s also important to use an auto shop that specializes in your type of car, such as Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche. And finally, what is your personal experience with the place? Do they explain their repairs in detail? Are they double charging you for labor on two different jobs when same amount of labor could count for both? Do they back up their work with a warranty? It’s your car. Get the best work for the dollar.