Car Diagnostics on Your Smartphone with the Automatic App

Posted 5/15/15

Looking for better insight into your car’s performance? Automatic, available for iPhone and Android, provides a link from your car to your smartphone to make sense of car diagnostics. It provides you feedback on your driving, everything from harsh braking to speeding, and can help...

This isn’t your father’s Land Rover

Posted 5/12/15

Talk about a 4-wheel, off road, gas powered turn around. Indeed, Land Rover repair had practically become its own industry. Land Rover has a reputation as a gas hungry and overweight vehicle, but it has turned itself around with remarkable staying power, according to Fortune....

It’s easier than ever to find good car help

Posted 5/7/15

Want the best mechanical work for the money? Who doesn’t? Leaving the maintenance of your car to some Joe Smo can not only be more expensive as they gouge you for every lug nut, but they might end up doing more damage than repair to...

It’s all about regular maintenance

Posted 4/29/15

The Kelly Blue Book was first published in 1926 and has since become the standard in determining the value of a vehicle. These folks not only know cars, but also how to get the greatest value and mileage for the buck out of your vehicle....

Ten Reasons to Love Volvos

Posted 4/22/15

Love your Volvo even more than your Cincinnati Volvo mechanic? Let’s count the ways. The folks at Top Gear listed the top 10 reasons for loving your Volvo. Let’s break a few down. If you own a Volvo, you may have your own reasons to...

Replace Jaguar’s Brakes

Posted 4/15/15

Are the brakes in your Jaguar starting to sound like Megadeth? Fear not and rock on. The folks at Jaghelp have an excellent how-to when it comes to fixing Jaguar brakes. Let’s walk through the process. First, remove as much brake fluid as you can...

Can You Trust Your Cincinnati Car Repair?

Know what’s just as important as having a great doctor you trust to take care of your family’s health? Having a great mechanic in Cincinnati you can trust to repair your car. Like your health, you depend on having reliable transportation. It’s what gets you to work, what pays the bills. And let’s face it, in Ohio you need to be able to rely on your ability to confidently get around. Make sure you have a mechanic who will not only understands how to fix your car, but also doesn’t take you to the cleaners in the process.You need to be confident that the work they say needs done is actually necessary, and that they actually do it.